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Rocket Jump Cascade is a single player fps platformer where you explore a mysterious rift and rocket jump your way through mystery parkour areas

- Movement focused gameplay
- Physics based rocket jumping
- Challenging Platforming
- Hub areas so always have a home in RJC world :)

LeftClick to Shoot
Space to Jump
E to Interact
F to use Dash ability
R to reload the current area
Escape to Pause
9 is FPS counter

Playtest note
There is currently not a save system so some areas will not save constant progress, to try different progression levels use N in the hub

Update Cycle 
This is currently a early free test build and is not final. I will regularly provide updates adding new maps, new mechanics, and other polish with each new update

Install instructions

Unzip and run rocketcascade.exe


RocketJumpCascade ETB1.zip 692 MB

Development log

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