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Rocket Jump Cascade is a single player fps platformer where you explore a mysterious rift and rocket jump your way through mystery parkour areas

- Movement focused gameplay
- Physics based rocket jumping
- Challenging Platforming
- Explore up to 5 areas 
- Hub area
- Speedrun focused levels

WASD - Move/ Strafe
LeftClick to Shoot
Space | Scrollwheel to Jump
E to Interact
R to reload rocket launcher
to Restart current level
Escape | P to Pause
9 is FPS counter

Update Cycle 
This is currently a early free test build and is not final. I will regularly provide updates adding new maps, new mechanics, and other polish with each new update

Join the RocketJumpCascade discord and post on the forum https://discord.gg/PZGJ7RbdqS


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RocketJumpCascade v0.03

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I am happy to announce you can now wishlist the game on steam :) https://store.steampowered.com/app/2082420/RocketJumpCascade/

Thanks to norferzlo for the speedrun montage of the new update (v0.03)

Keep leaving your feedback here in the comments!

World record shmovement, excited for the new levels 👀

RJC ETB 2 available now  featuring the Lava Temple


I like the idea, however there is still a lot of work to be done.

-The rocket doesn't go towards the cursor but it goes to the left for some reason.

-The rocket explosion size is very small. It leads to a lot of misses.

-Sounds aren't good, they barely have any impact on the game and aren't fun to mess around with. Launch/jump/hit ground/Rocket explosion, sound effects are pretty dull and don't have that 'oomph' sound that makes it satisfying to play around with. Music would be very good to add.

-The game isn't optimized, Explosions have a lot of particles and are heavy to render. Reduce the texture size, amount of particles instantiated, or add an object pooling system.

-For this being a parkour game, it's very slow.

-Add some camera effects to better visualise high or low speed.

-Maybe add a rocket model with animations.

-Add some enemies, power-ups, and abilities to spice up gameplay.

-Settings menu needs more options

That's all I gotta say. Good luck with your future endeavours.

Hey Thanks for even just trying it out.
I have a lot of this on my radar. 

I've been working on optimizing the particles and rocket launcher because it is definitely off center. The current sounds are literally from minecraft so i intend to replace them and a friend is working on a soundtrack for me.

Hope to add a lot of this with ETB2 such as the power ups, full settings menu, and more refinements to the movement to make it feel more weighted.
Will try to keep posted here as I have more to throw in. Thanks for all the feedback it seems we agree a lot on the direction of the game :)