RocketJumpCascade ETB1 Update

This is an early test build of RocketJumpCascade
The purpose of this build is to allow people to try the systems I have so far, let me know how it plays!
- The gameplay loop has been updated start by entering a rift to play
- As you navigate the rifts you will find a terminal to make it back to the hub
- In the hub are also some experimental rift spawners to try some other maps I made
- A hidden challenge map is also unlockable in this build

The rift generation is extremely bad, you might need to spam R to load a new map occasionally
There isn't any save progress at this time so just try exploring around the world of RJC

General Updates
- Updated menus
- Added new shader system

Player Updates
 - Updated Player collision with rocket - this fixed a lot of the unresponsive rocket jumping
- Updated the rocket firing - still needs a few fixes
- Fixed ammo counter problems
- Updated ammo count to auto reload when you reach 0
- Updated rocket blast force
- Update the dash ability (its more of a "float" for now)

Map Updates
- Updated map generation layouts
- Updated to a new hub area
- Updated HubMap portal locations

Download this Early Test Build 1 and let me know how it goes in the comments below


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Sep 22, 2022

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