RocketJumpCascade ETB2 Progress update

Since the last update (ETB1) I got a lot of good feedback from players and have refocused my efforts on improving more of the core systems of the game. Since RJC is a movement game first and foremost it was important to spend more time polishing the movement system so it actually feels fun to jump around as well as having a "weight" to it to make it feel less floaty.

Thanks to ProjectBorealis I have been reworking the movement to be more based off the Source movement system used in half life. Here are some sample videos showing some behind the scenes messing with it. There is still some refinements I need to make to make it feel a bit more grounded and more of its own movement identity but I wanted to share this progress for anyone interested.

Besides improving the movement I have also been overhauling many of the levels to accomodate for the massive overhaul in how the movement works. It can be very time consuming to test maps and tweak them depending on the different variants in speed and routes the player chooses to take. 
Additionally I have been trying to stomp a few performance and compatibility related bugs that would prevent people from running the game at all or run with terrible performance.
These are just a few things as there is a large list of polish needed at all steps of the development process but I hope this update is good enough for now while i keep my head down hard at work.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the project so far and providing feedback, as well as the new people who have recently been trying it.  I know its a pretty rough prototype in its current state but I am going to keep working on it til we can find the fun in it.

If you are interested in testing early behind the scenes builds you can join my discord here:

Much love ~ Jamacanbacn <3

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