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Currently I am working on getting a small intro section for the game
It will feature 1 hub of 4 levels , a basic controls menu, some early prototype levels, basic rocket jump system and single ability
This is to get it out there and let people try it. Over time I will update with more polish and add more hubs to parkour through as well as add more ways to move.

One idea i had is I will upload the current game for $2 to be raised further in development (maybe $10 max)
additionally i will upload free regular updates via github so if you really just want to try it you can.
I don't think a game is ever finished and only released so this is a good way for me to get something out to iterate on and get feedback on the early gameplay loops. This price point idea is not set in stone and willing to change it up to whatever seems fair for the progress of the game at the time.

If you want to help me get some money for developing RocketJumpCascade you can also support me on Patreon or Buy a Shirt or Youtube Membership

Here is a link to some early gameplay as i push to get many things done for an alpha build

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